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Car Rental Supplier

A car rental company at your selected pick-up location. Your car rental supplier’s name is stated on your booking voucher.

Child Seat

Some countries require children under a certain age to use a child seat. There are various child seat types, depending on the age and weight. Child seats may be booked together with the car and other equipment for additional charge.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW is a type of insurance for rental cars. It limits the driver’s liability if the rental car is damaged. This means that rental company will not charge you the whole cost if the car gets damaged while you use it. There is almost always an excess, which means you will pay the first part of any repair costs.

Cross Border Car Rental

When you rent a car there may be reference to cross border fees, charges, restrictions or insurance. These apply if you travel by rented car outside of the country of pick-up. Car rental companies usually restrict cross border travels. Sometimes it is not allowed to travel abroad at all, but in other cases you may take the car to a neighbor country or even travel around a large region, such as European Union.

Drop off date/time/ location

Date and time when the car must be returned to a specific car rental company’s office.

Insurance Excess

An amount you are required to pay towards a claim you make on your car insurance policy in case of any damages that happen while you use the rental car.

Liability Insurance

Insurance that covers the renter for damage or bodily harm to persons and/or property outside of the rental vehicle.

No Show Fee

A cancellation fee that applies in case you don’t cancel the reservation on time specified in the agreement and don’t show up at the car rental location on the pick up date. The amount and terms may vary depending on the company, but usually the fee is 100% of the rental.

One way rental

Situation when you pick up the car in one location and drop off in a different location. In this case additional fees apply to the rental agreement.

Personal Accident Insurance

Optional insurance that covers personal accidents including medical, ambulance and death benefits for the main car driver and the passengers.

Pick up date/time/location

Date and time when the car must be picked up from a specific car rental company’s office.

Post-rental charges

Fees collected by the car rental company upon the conclusion of a rental period. These might be fees for returning the car with an empty gas tank, parking tickets, traffic violation fees etc.

Reference number

Identification number assigned to every booking made at Asap Cars website. This number is required when you contact our Customer Care team with any questions regarding your booking.

Security deposit

An amount which is blocked on your credit card at a time of pick up as a guarantee on the rental car that has been provided.

Theft Protection (THP)

In case of theft of the car or its parts, you only pay the excess and the insurance covers the rest of expenses.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Insurance that gives you third party liability cover. That means, if you are involved in an accident while using the rental car, you are insured against bodily injury and property damage to a third party up to a certain amount stated in the car rental agreement. Various countries require the third party liability insurance by law.

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